Wind Power Simulation

The design of wind farms, the relevant analysis and management of uncertainties on the power production, are currently more of an empirical skill than a rigorous analysis.

The mathematical models are well identified and some management solution offers and studies have been transferred to industry. But today, the offers of simulation tools and software for the wind evaluation and wind farm management is still reduced to two kinds: some empirical methods derived from statistical laws or a full fluid mechanics simulation tools in which the modeling of the wind farm effect is still a hard simulation issue. Our goal is to propose a new integrated approach.

Based on the SDM project of Inria, WINDPOS focused on the optimal design and connection of wind farms with large networks. Moreover, a statistical localization procedure has been developed as well as an optimization genetic algorithm based on economical and electrical constraints.
Our work program is made of a series of actions leading to an integrated offer of software/services that we called WindPos.

Potential users

As a software/service, WindPos has a large scale of potential users. All the companies of the wind farm sector such as GDF Suez, Laborelec Chile SpA, Endesa Chile will be able to buy and use it. Other sectors like the photovoltaic one could also be considered as potential user. For example, the agricultural farms using solar energy could benefit from this service.
Even if it seems more difficult for the public sector to be considered as a potential user, it is not excluded. Indeed, the public sector in Chile do not own wind farms for now. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Energy still can be a good contact.

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