SDM-WindPoS (Stochastic Downscaling Method  for  Wind Power Simulation) is a numerical tool currently made of two separate software and several libraries.

  • The SDM-kernel software is the core for numerical simulation of turbulent flows by the fluid particle approach. It can be used stand-alone, containing a set of turbulent closures, wall boundary laws, simple geometries, but with various boundary condition descriptions (in space and time).
    The algorithm combines various simulation techniques (such as Poisson solvers, mass optimal transport algorithm, the Euler scheme dedicated to Langevin confined stochastic processes). The mean-field aspect of the fluid particle approach is processed through particle in cell techniques.


  • The SDM-modeler software is the dedicated graphic user interface dedicated to the pre and post processing of SDM simulations and its specialized libraries.
    • The pre-processing allows to extract information from larger scales (e.g. WRF simulations, SDM simulations) to enrich the field information by re-alignment and addition of refined topography.
    • The generation of the Cartesian mesh, surface information (elevations, slopes, roughness), boundary conditions, modeled turbine placements is automated to facilitate the simulation workflow.
    • The pre-processing allows 3D & 2D(slices) views of all output information,as well as local plot extraction.
  • WindPoS-ATM library is a module dedicated to the simulation of atmospheric flow.
  • WindPoS-LAM library is a module that allows to  simulate the behavior of turbines  under the effect of wind, by the disk actuator approach.  Several descriptions of wind turbine modeling are included in the module,  from the simplest configuration (porus disk) to the most complex (actuator blades).
  • OceaPoS library is a module dedicated to the simulation of Hydrokinetic Turbines Immersed in Complex bathymetry.

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