Towards a very high resolution wind forecast chain
on the sailing basin of Marseilles

Starting in 2020, the genesis of this project was motivated by the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games, where the sailing events will take place in the Marseilles sailing basin.

The reading of the wind is one of the major stakes in the search for performance for the sailing Olympics. However, the exhaustive knowledge of the wind of a body of water is not yet resolved.

This research project aims to complete the knowledge database of the different local effects in the Marseilles sailing basin, thus facilitating the exploitation of the water body.

A high resolution wind forecast  allows to reduce the margin of error in the decision making.

This is a determining factor for progress, accelerating learning and supporting the material and technical development underlying performance.

People: Thomas Ponthieu, Mireille Bossy (Calisto team at Inria)

Partners: SportRizer, RiskWeatherTech

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